Writing Essay About Globalization

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Globalization is part of modern society. It helps countries and communities overpass boundaries and exchange goods and services between each other. Thanks to globalization, it is easier for entrepreneurs to sign business partnerships and learn from each other. For example, in 2017, $22.4T worth of goods and services were traded across borders. There are many aspects related to globalization on which a writer can focus on his essay. You can either have a general view over globalization or you can discuss the specific implications globalization has for the world. This article will show you which are the steps to follow when writing an essay about globalization.

Writing Essay About Globalization

1. Introduction

The introduction is one of the most important parts of your essay. It should engage the reader from the first phrases and make him curious to read the rest of the essay. You can create a preview of the most basic and important aspects of globalization. As this is a term which is not very popular, you can define it in the introduction. Even though there are a lot of scientific definitions, you can re-write them and include one which is very easy to understand. The introduction should also contain the thesis statement. This means that you should project your idea and give your reader an insight into what you are going to detail in the body.

2. Pros and Cons of Globalization

Being such a controversial term, your essay body should include a list of the pros and cons of globalization. For example, you can mention the lack of trade barriers between nations or advanced communication which ensures a constant flow of communication. Moreover, globalization ensures increased reliability when it comes to the transportation of goods and people. On the other hand, globalization comes also with some disadvantages. Even though it offers free movement of goods and services, it doesn’t secure the free labor movement. Furthermore, globalization can lead to a lack of nations’ identity and sovereignty.

3. Impacts of globalization

Globalization has a serious impact on the economy, society, and politics. The borderless trade between nations has sped up the global economy’s growth rate. The world’s nations became more interdependent and they created unions which help them dominate various sectors of the economy. In addition, governments use globalization to join forces and create goods and services to meet the increased demand. When it comes to society, globalization has brought the same behavioral patterns to communities. Therefore, there are many communities which lost their identity and traditions because of globalization. In addition, globalization helped people to migrate to foreign nations, each of them bringing their own traditions and social beliefs.

From a political point of view, globalization has favored the most powerful countries, like the United States of America, to form dominating unions and control the rest of the world. Globalization helped them gain the necessary technical knowledge and develop their economy even more. This brought many other less-developed countries to become very dependent on the world’s superpowers. On the other hand, globalization helps world leaders help the countries part of the unions they control and prevent many economic and social conflicts. What is more, if you feel that you need help to create an engaging essay on globalization, you can also collaborate with professional writers. For instance, Get Academic Help has a well-trained team who can create a comprehensive and relevant essay.

4. Final thoughts

Your essay’s conclusion should summarize all the points you discussed in the body. You should also know that the conclusion should never include any new idea on the subject. The role of the conclusion is to strengthen the ideas presented in the essay and help the reader better understand your message. In addition, you can use the conclusion to create a powerful call-to-action for your readers and determine them to reflect on the topic.

Globalization is essential for the world’s development. Communities need to learn from each other and share their best practices. On the other hand, the world’s leaders should show their goodwill and refrain from dominating the less-developed countries. If used wisely, globalization can create a better world and promote equal treatment for any type of community.